Graduate showreel

Sadly, my time as a student at the NCCA is over , but I am very happy to present my graduate showreel!

Graduate showreel

BFX has started!

Whilst I was working on my Major Project, I was very lucky to be accepted on to the BFX competition with a few of my friends.

We are currently creating a short 30-second long advertisement for charity Refuge, and I am tasked with making the elaborate stage environment that will be the setting to our story.  Production has just started so here are a few teaser test renders and concept art that I have created.




BFX has started!

Major Project Diary


Loneliness in the elderly is a problem that I wish to address in my final major project, by presenting a visual piece that is both darkly humorous but relatable to those with elderly grandparents, or parents, or simple those who are interested in what effect working in the care industry has on it’s clients.

My aim for this short is to put the viewer in the shoes of an elderly person looking back on their life through their movement about their home where they have raised a family, and had many memories formed, but ultimately, have been left behind.

I am still working away on this like always, currently working on the look development of the elderly lady’s environment, and tweaking the animatic so it’s short and sweet.

Here is the current animatic, although still needs to be shortened.

Here is the current evolution of eye problems:

Here is some current look dev for some assets in the lounge scene.

Major Project Diary

Uni has started…

Current working hard on 2 assignments, and the megolith of work that is Final Major Project…

Although I did finish two small projects, one being my entry for 3D Artist’s BFX competition:


I learnt a lot about rendering, comping in 2d effects, rigging and lighting in this piece, which is a great help for final major project, as these are things I was uncertain with at the start of summer. That being said, I still have a lot of tests to do to get my major project to great standard! I also realised the importance of multiple people’s criticism, as this was a great help for improving and pushing my work, so now I won’t stop bothering people for feedback 🙂

Second work was textures for my friend Adam’s awesome sting ray flocking system:

Stingray Flock by Adam Ting from Adam Ting on Vimeo.

I wish I had more to say about this except that sting ray’s leather is amazingly complex and intricate, and really fun to texture.

Woop! back to work!

Uni has started…

Major Project Ideas and Over Summer things

For most of the summer, I worked full time at a company in London, and with my university job during September, and when I wasn’t working… I was doing freelance work or travelling!

So it’s been a pretty busy summer for me, but I’m starting to continue some personal projects and study. Over the holidays I really tried to work out what I wanted to do and become better at, and I really feel it lies in environmental modelling and texturing. That being said, I realise I have a long way to go and lots to learn (especially with lighting!!), but I am sure it’ll be a good and worth while journey!

The piece below is a very early render for a competition I am entering, a lot has changed since here so I will post WIPs soon!


Here are some rough concepts for my Major Project Pitch


Major Project Ideas and Over Summer things